Monthly Archives: July 2017

Deaf No More

Last year I received a call from my daughter’s school. It seems she had completely failed her hearing test and they advised us to take her to a doctor immediately.

Panic rushed through my veins. Was my child partially deaf and I had never noticed? I immediately felt like a terrible mother and called our family doctor. They made us an appointment for the next morning. I sat in agony for the next 18 hours.

Finally, we arrived at the office and it was time to look at her ears. I didn’t expect what came next. Laughter. What did this doctor find so funny? Well, it turns out my daughter’s ears were clogged with wax. He explained that a simple Stockport ear wax removal procedure would cure her deafness and we could be on our way. I have never been so happy to watch my daughter have her ears cleaned out.

Flexible Schedule

I went to school to be a makeup artist Manchester ten years ago and I made a great decision early on in life. Typically, I have my side clients come over on the weekends so that I can make great cash on the side. During the week, I work at a department store about 30 hours per week in the beauty section. This keeps me up-to-date on all new makeup arrivals and we get useful information for the trending popularity for applications.

I am only 26 years old and I feel that I am doing pretty well in life. My house is almost paid for and that makes me extremely happy. I recently just got engaged and am getting married next year. My soon to be husband loves my work schedule because it is very flexible. We always have time to spend with each other and try to take off for a vacation twice a year.

I Love My New Job

I recently started a new job as a florist Harrogate. I love every minute of it. It is a lot of hard work, and I sometimes have to put in long hours. However, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I am a very creative person. That is why I have always wanted a job that allowed me to exercise my creative. I am able to do that now.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing my customers happy. I love to see their smiles when they pick up their orders. I also like it when they tell me that they appreciate the work that I do. I go home with a smile on my face every day. Additionally, I look forward to going to my job everyday. It excites me.