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Deaf No More

Last year I received a call from my daughter’s school. It seems she had completely failed her hearing test and they advised us to take her to a doctor immediately.

Panic rushed through my veins. Was my child partially deaf and I had never noticed? I immediately felt like a terrible mother and called our family doctor. They made us an appointment for the next morning. I sat in agony for the next 18 hours.

Finally, we arrived at the office and it was time to look at her ears. I didn’t expect what came next. Laughter. What did this doctor find so funny? Well, it turns out my daughter’s ears were clogged with wax. He explained that a simple Stockport ear wax removal procedure would cure her deafness and we could be on our way. I have never been so happy to watch my daughter have her ears cleaned out.

Grandma Hears Again

Ever since grandma started getting old it seems that her hearing is getting worse. We have been trying to get her to buy a hearing aid. She was always against it stating that they were big ugly things. But as time went on she began to realize that she was missing out on a lot of conversations because she could not hear clearly and she was often mistaking the wrong words. So we started shopping. We showed her pictures of all the different kinds of hearing aids Stockport until we found one that she really liked. We took her to the doctor who helped us with ordering it. Now she thinks she is styling. But some of us wish we had never bought the hearing aid as she can now hear conversations going on in the other room.